Flower art

Passepartout: the power and charm of flowers. In flower arrangements, harmony is reached through the balance of colours, and how they match the chosen venue.

Each event has its own style and its own emotions, created and expressed through a unique combination of lighting, colours, flavours.

At Passepartout’s, we are passionate about floral art. Our flower arrangements are meticulously created to be in perfect sync with our clients’ wishes and needs.

Whether you want to go for a classic atmosphere or for a more modern feel, all of our team’s passion and expertise will be devoted to creating a magic moment that you and your guests will never forget.

"Dreams are dreams, until you make them come true" - our projects and creations are based on the dreams and wishes of our brides and grooms; our goal is to bring them to life and inspire emotions that will last not only for their most special day, but forever.